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The most diverse requirements and tasks demand versatile tools. The hydraulic output of the Menzi Muck enables the use of attachments with a very high power consumption.


Hardox Buckets designed and manufactured by Menzi Muck


Digging Buckets

Constructed with wear-resistant, fine-grained steel blades (Hardox 400). 
400mm -1100mm
Capacity up to 385L


Hydraulic Slewable Grading Bucket

The hydraulic slewable grading buckets are fitted with a large-dimension cylinder fea-turing check valves. They can be swivelled 50 degrees to both left and right. 


Rigid Grading Bucket

Produced in-house, these Hardox 400 grading buckets come with a cutting width of up to 1500mm and a capacity of up to 540L.

Download the Menzi Muck attachment brochure for more information and bucket dimensions.

Universal Grab

Menzi Muck manufactured universal grabs with 360° rotation and side swivel

Full Swivel

The over-dimensioned, wear-free hydraulic three-stage motors in a compact design are rated not only for high axial but also high ra-dial loads. Blades and side blades are made of Hardox 400.

Protected Mechanism

The cross-brace accommodates both: The powerful hydraulic cylinder and the syn-chronous steering mechanism.


Under Control

The cylinder for the clam shell closing function is equipped with a check valve.This prevents the clam shells being opened accidentally.

Tooth System

Teeth angled slightly inwards ensure optimised grab characteristics, even with maximum opening widths.

Download the Menzi Muck attachment brochure for more information and dimension.


Forestry Mulchers

A wide forestry mulching attachments manufactured by our official retail partner FAE SRL (Italy) can be used for a variety of applications. Designed to shred shrubs and trees of up to 12cm diameter, paired with the Menzi Muck it is ideal for land clearing along riverbeds, lakes and on steep and difficult terrain. 

Contact us for suitable models and more information!

Hydraulic Hedge Shears

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You can use the hydraulic hedge shears to cut and clear wood in a single working pro-cess. Sitting safely and comfortably in the excavator you can cut trees, shrubs, hedges and bushes in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Easy Handling

All cutting and holding works are executed by one action (joystick or foot pedal). If the cut is done, the grabs grip the wood, which leans on the mounting bracket and can be deposited at the intended destination


The shears are running only with double-ac-ting control circuit. Optionally, a supporting foot for safe movement in difficult terrain is available. When mounting a swivel unit, an additional double-acting control circuit is needed.


Download the Menzi Muck attachment brochure for more information.


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