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M5XAS Amphibious Spider Exacavator

Turn your Menzi spider into an amphibious excavator!
new patented system

Independent Self-Assembly

Easily assemble and disassemble the pontoon system directly at your work site without the need to a crane or any other equipment! 

Easy Transportation

Conveniently load the machine and pontoon system without ramps or a crane onto flatbed trucks.


Independent Access to Difficult Worksites

Drive right up and assemble directly at the work site then drive right in. Get access to even the most difficult work sites.

Superior Stability in Water

With 4 independently adjustable underwater stabilizers the M5XAS can work in water depth of up to 4.5m.

  1. EASY TRANSPORTATION- no crane required. The Menzi Muck can  load the pontoon system onto a flatbed truck for easy transportation. The machine itself can climb onto any truck without ramps.
  2. CONVENIENT ASSEMBLY - the M5XAS amphibious excavator can independently unload the pontoon system from the truck and assemble itself in less than one hour directly at the work site! 
  3. SUPERIOR STABILITY - with 4 independently adjustably hydraulic stablizers that reach a water depth of up to 4.5m, the machine can easily anchor itself for full working stability. 

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Brochure M540 (english)
Brochure new M5X (english)
Brochure M5XAS Amphibious